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The Financial Advisory Process
that you might have "HEARD" before.

A process that is not meant to "hurt" you! But to assure you that your concerns are been "heard" and addressed.

Yes, we've develop a process not meant to "hurt" you, but together we work together to hear what you have to say about your concerns, your dreams, your aspirations.  We always make our clientele feel that they are being heard of their aspirations and we will work diligently to assist them to achieve their goals.  There are 5 steps towards financial planning process.  Read more to know more.

Step 1 : Homework

The first step is to ascertain who you want to work with on your personal finance. Understand what type of financial services you need. The type of financial products that are suitable to your situation. Any cost involved; be it transactional-based or fee-based financial approach. 

Search for qualified and provide sound advice. Unbiased and Unrestricted advice would be an important criteria in selecting who you want to work with. An independent financial adviser representative (iFA Rep) would be the right person to engage with. Working towards your financial goals is always in our mind.  

Step 2 : Engagement

When we first meet, we will discuss your aims and needs in general before going on to conduct a thorough financial review. The first consultation is at our expense and you are under no obligation to proceed further. You will be made aware of our charging structure prior to any subsequent work being undertaken. You should allow up to 2 hours for us to thoroughly understand your needs and objectives.

Step 3: Analysis

During the research process the adviser and researcher will undertake a detailed analysis and discuss the agreed needs, and using the latest software will select options from the range of financial products and services to provide a bespoke solution. We will then produce the documentation to implement the advice, including personalised quotes and key features documents. If appropriate, we will provide a full report of our recommendations for discussion with you at the subsequent meeting. We normally required about 4 hours for this stage of the process.

Step 4: Recommendations

At the next meeting we will discuss our research and explain how our recommendations meet your needs. If you are ready we will then complete the necessary paperwork and set up your personal account with us. We then ensure that all of your paperwork is in order and undertake a compliance check to make sure that we have met the requirements of the Authority and other regulatory bodies, which includes verifying your identity and home address.

Step 5: Documentation

Over time your life changes and reviews are the way that you maintain your financial plans, in the same way that you would maintain your house or car. We deal with your plan administration and keep you informed of important developments. This includes dealing with product providers, producing valuations and analysis, and may include review meetings to keep your planning on track.

With this systematic approach, you would be assured that your financial plan is constantly on track.

With a simple and a systematic approach in mind, 7CAPITAList seek to focus on what we do best for you. In this way, you could focus on achieving your life goals, while we will work towards achieving your financial independence. Hence taking away your financial woes and work towards your financial success. 

Our purpose is to assist you to build your Financial Home. 

With this systematic approach, you can be rest assured that we are working on what is expected from our professional capabilities to assist you in achieving your financial well-being. With you in mind, we strive to work intimately with you hand-in-hand to achieve your financial independence. 

We are the Financial Builder. We are the Financial Planner. We are the Financial Architect.

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