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Smart Kids Need Smart Parents!

Yes, indeed, Smart Kids need Smart Parents.

The competition for places at institutions of higher learning has become more intense over the last decade. The costs have also gone up. Increasingly, the answer for many parents is to start saving and investing early so that they will be able to get the lump sum needed to finance their children's education. The benefits are clear.

Saving early and often will help you to put aside less every month.

Moreover by investing early, you will see your investments outpace inflation and increasing education costs.

Saving part of our current income seems to be the only way to provide the education fund. The only problem is that we must have enough time to earn. Should our time run out earlier than expected, we can only count on whatever that's accumulated, plus some interests.

Thankfully, we could use a "special account" that guarantee the desired funds even if your time runs outs. All you need to do is to transfer your regular savings into this account, and let it grow.

With this account, you'll probably find peace of mind when our children is ready, the money is available when needed.

I love to share this presentation with you. This was done together with my ex-collegue, Daniel Low. This presentation was part of our training syllabus to provide a basis understanding for our financial consultants to assist parents in coming up a University Saving Program (USP). Though it was prepared a couple of years back, the basis still relevant and applicable.

Saving for our children's university education is a lesson in itself!

It certainly takes champion mindset & vision to achieve what we want for our children. As parents, we always want the best for them! And we need to be smart in making that decision on behalf of them because that day will come when our children is ready for their highest level of learning and training.

That's required conviction! And that's must come from smart parents!

And that's why smart kids need smart parents!

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