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Grow & Save: Let's teach our children the value of money!

5 tips to share with you!

  1. No notes, but coins! Give allowances in a dollar coin! Gold coins are fun and cool. And easier to divide for spending and saving. That clinking sound in the piggy-bank is certainly more satisfying to hear too! 
  2. No free lunch. Make them pay. If our kids are hankering that new book or the Lego set, ask them to save up for to. They will recognise the rewards of saving and appreciate the toy a whole lot more. No pain , no gain. Most importantly, saving discipline is in action. 
  3. Keep them motivated to achieve what they wanted to save. Keep their goal within their mind. Visualise their goal and working towards them. Record every single cent they have save each day in a special notebook or a wall chart, so they can see their progress. 
  4. Invest in their success. Encourage their habit by offering a match for a dollar for  dollar what they have manage to save so far. Thus enable them to achieve  their goal faster or even move to a greater saving. Thus might make them think twice about buying something they don't need.
  5. Pay for working. Get a dollar for their duties. Offer extra chores around the house in exchange for helping them reach their goal. It's certainly a great way for parenting!
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