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Be S.M.A.R.T. in setting your financial goals

Wanting to share what I've created all these years, so I've started to dig out and reorganise my notes and this sets of online zooming in-and-out presentation (prezi) catches my eyes.

"Wow! Great!" Thinking to myself. No need to re-establish my materials and all these (and those up-coming blogs) could be a useful library resource for my self-learning and re-learning. What a place to store my resources and to establish my library of learning!

Back to fundamental!

So let's start with Goal Setting! Something with end in mind to begin with.

It is certainly not good enough to know what your financial goals are.

Financial goals need to be "S.M.A.R.T."!

Set it by clearly defined what you really want to achieve it by being Specific.
It is wise to convert all your financial goals to "dollar and cents" for it to be tangible and Measurable so that you aware of how much you can work on it. Of course, the goals you set need to be Achievable within your financial means and desires. More often than not, we tend to set high goals for ourselves. However, I feel it's always good to set a Realistic goal; something you are capable of achieving it, something that you will be going to be proud of. A goal without having a Time frame is like living without urgency.

How much time you need to arrive your financial destination will determine the quality of lifestlye you get to enjoy your fruits of labour.

To make sure you arrived your financial destination safely, placing appropriate yardstick along your financial journey is great importance to ensure that you are always on track.

With proper goal setting, you can achieve your goal SMARTly!

Besides adopting the SMART planning in goal setting, it's important to adopt SWOT theory to have a better self-evaluation of your current strength you could rely on, weaknesses and threats you want to avoid and capturing as much opportunities as possible.

More to come & meanwhile, I'll look into my resources and see if anything could be of use to you. Hope this will come handy for your self-learning too!

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