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A mind-mapping approach

7CAPITAL Resource Center is a place where I would like to enhance your understanding towards your personal finance. This mind map would provide direction & insight. Side by side, explanation notes & illustrations, which will link to my financial ideas and helps to explain certain financial planning concepts. Hence, this creation was done with you in mind, this would lead you to understand your current personal financial situation so that you could arrive your financial destination "safe & sound'. The available tools would assist on how best you are going to achieve your financial goal.

BTW, going through the financial planning process required your conscious discipline, as one of my mentor once told me, "Hock Beng, we can't build muscles by lifting feathers."

"We can't build muscles by lifting feathers."

I hope that this reference would truly be a helpful resource for your personal financial well-being. Do return for more as I would be updating a series of mind-mapping tools to equipped you more!

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