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7capital is 7 aspects of Financial Journey...

The 7CAPITAL touches on 7 financial planning areas. It represents 7 aspects of our life stages.

Firstly, we need to Create the financial objectives, based on one's current resources, i.e. the cash flow from various income source and the assets acquired so far. Knowing your financial ratio helps you to better manage the finances.

Accumulation of your capital is the next important planning area. Here you will get to know your numbers to achieve your long term accumulation goal. In SIngapore, the two most common needs are Retirement Funding & Children Education Funding. We help clients to develop a realistic and achievable program to meet these needs.

Any financial plan wthout placing any proper risk management in place is futile. The reason is simply Protection or Insurance  planningis teh foundation of a sound financial plan. Without an adequate protection plan in place, clients will be vulnerable to the effects of a chance misfortune which may tremendous financial loss. Our planning helps to ensure that client's lifestyle will remain intact even in the event of such misfortune. 

Investment helps to grow your money with calculated risk. It helps to preserve or even protect the capital already accumulated so far. Not only do we preserve the capital, we works towards enhancing the growth of the assets. We help clients develop an investment program that is appropriate to their unique situation, yet will grow at a desirable rate. With the help of our proprietary tools, clients stand a better chance of enhancing their investment return, thereby fulfilling their long term financial dreams.

How you want your capital to be Transferred depends on how you are going to distribute your wealth? Here we ill look at preserving and distributing one's estate. Teh only certainty in life is that assets will not last forever. We help  client to develop an effective and efficient Estate Plan so that the legacy of the client can be well preserved and distributed according to their wishes.

Achieving financial independence when one retire is certainly an important goal in life. Annuity is an important tool to allow the retire to have a smooth flow of income and creative use on annuity concept would enhance the capital further. Isn't it true that only person who can take care of the older person we will be someday is the younger person we are today? And, whether we get to enjoy our retirement, or we could retired from our enjoyment... It's a matter of choice.

Finally, adopting proper financial Leveraging would enhance your wealth position. Akin to how the way the gears in your car transfer engine speed to road speed, financial leveraging or gearing would accelerates (or decelerates) your returns on investment. So you can see it's a double-edged sword. With proper planning, financial leveraging can be successful only when the risk involved is fully understood. Hence, equipping with concept of 7CAPITAL would empower our clientele at a better position to achieve their financial goal.

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